A communal blog devoted to the exploration of the complexities of power exchange relationships and how they fit into the larger kink world.

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Captive – An Erotic Story

“Fuck.” There really wasn’t anything else to say. He slammed his hand down on the button to kill the engines. It had no effect because his ship was already caught in the tractor beam and had been slowly moving backwards anyway. He had never really stood a chance against the monsterous machine that was currentlyContinue reading “Captive – An Erotic Story”

Vetting for People-First: Domme-submissive Minority Communities

Vetting people and partners in the context of BDSM is not something with which I have much experience. As a closeted submissive who explores his desires and kinks almost entirely online, I have a lot more experience assessing virtual communities than potential partners. Like evaluating partnerships, however, ruling out communities is so much easier thanContinue reading “Vetting for People-First: Domme-submissive Minority Communities”

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